The Beaten Path


Trying to justify San Diego Comic Con became heartbreaking… It’ll never be what is used to be, nor anyone within the organization is attempting to do so. And sadly, I never knew it as it used to be.

It is the beast that it’s now. And it’s not THE place anymore, especially not for business.

Wanted to do a rambly post here, but stopped and erased everything like 3 times. It’s futile. All I can recommed for any aspiring artists, and to any local friends attempting the “American Dream” in comics (HA!), to go to SDCC, yes, but for the friendships you’ll make there. Go or create local shows/expos for the exposure and business. And small, personal shows are good at both business and making friends with the same vision as you.

SDCC is not the goal anymore (if it ever was). It’s just another show. And there’s plenty in the US I’d recommend attending to and exhibiting on way more than SD. Except for any Wizard shows, they’re all shit.


Mario A.~

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