A Job, Yay!

Hey everyone!

This is just a quick note I’ll probably link to from all the other websites because I’m lazy that way, but mostly to explain why updates an all 3 web comics *might* (most probably) slow down a bit for a few months.

And it’s quick because: I got hired to do an inking gig (professionally… yeah, I know!) that I can’t talk about now, besides that. Which I will when the time comes, of course.

This is a paid gig, with a contract and all that fancy professional stuff, which means, this is my top priority now, which means, until that’s done per set deadline, I can jump into my own stuff. I think I can keep a certain workflow on the web comics, but if an update is missing one day, now you know why. And I think the ones that’ll “suffer” more are Wyliman and Go Fuck Yourself, especially the latter as for the next few pages I’m getting stupid with the details. Clink should stay the same.

Anyways, that’s what’s going to happen until mid July, when this project shall be completed. It’s a really exciting comic. I’m very fortunate to be working on it, with an amazing team behind it. I hope I can tell you all about it soon enough.

Later Days, Willie Mays!

Mario A.~

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