Hat by richmillerart.com

Hat by richmillerart.com

Mario A. González

Born and raised in México against my will.

Graduated with honors from the School of Life. From then to now it’s all been busy work.

Comic book artist, writer and occasional inker and letterer. Retired astronaut.

Author of the webcomics Wyliman, Clink and Go F+ck Yourself.

I’ve also worked for some anthologies like The Hero Initiative, Panels for Primates, and Pile Driver (out of print), all of them with stories written by Troy Wilson. And the fanzine Las Ladronas de Ideas in Mexico.

Hobbies: sleeping, videogames and horror movies.

I live in a fantasy land where he likes to pretend he’s successful, and good looking, and socially competent.

I also have difficulties talking about myself.

SuperMarioGonzalez.com, more than a portfolio site (considering I don’t actually have a portfolio), is an attempt to compile in just one place all the work and fractions of my mind that are scattered through the internet. As well as the more “professional” bits, as the commission work information and merchandise available. And cleaning some of the clutter the webcomic sites have, and more easily arrange that here.