SPX, September 14th and 15th


As many of you might know, SPX is my favorite show of the year and I’ll be exhibiting there again next week!

I’ll be a table K11 with the awesome guys Jeremy Whitley and Dave Foland. And right next to my very good friends Erin and Christine Humiston. If the powers that be don’t screw me over, I’ll have volumes 1 to 4 of Wyliman and a small collection of Clink strips for you there (plus, some nifty extras).

And speaking of Wyliman and Clink, I’m taking next week off from the comics. I really don’t want to, but life has been beating me a bit lately and I’ll take the few days I’ll be at home before the show to fix some of that. But still, I think I won’t be having any better news coming back. We’ll see.

But, in the eman time, I hope to see some of you guys there! This year it’ll be bigger and better and as always, an amazing fun time!

Mario A.~

San Diego Comic Con, July 17th – 21st

Hey guys!

Just a quick note to let you know I’ll be at the San Diego Comic Con this week. Mostly the lateness of me posting this (as I’m like 3 hours away from heading to the airport, at the moment of writting) is because I’ll just be wandering around the show floor most of the time. I don’t have a table to exhibit/sell there.

So, if you wanna meet up, just let me know! Or, if you find me wandering around, feel free to approach me to say hi.

The only set back of this whole thing is that for the updates for Wyliman (Friday’s and possibly Monday’s [I get back home late that day]) and Clink (Thursday’s) will be missing. I really tried to catch up with work and get a bit ahead so I wouldn’t miss them, but things around here haven’t been easy lately (but that’s a story for some other time). So, I’m sorry about that. Updates will resume to normal next week.

So, anyway, I hope to see some of you guys there. It’s always a fun time!

Mario A.~

Denver Comic Con, May 31st – June 2nd

Hey guys!

Next week I’ll be attending the 2nd anual Denver Comic Con. And I’m excited as a box full of puppies who have no idea where they’re going. Last year the show was amazing, record breaking and an overall great experience. And this year promises it’ll be bigger and better.

I’ll be in the Artist Alley section on table C21. I’m attaching a floor map to this, but you’ll recognize me even easier as the guys who’s sitting right next to Matt Kindt.


Click to enlarge

I’ll bring with myself a good selection of prints (now that I have them), original art to sale, original pages to show off, and the meat and potatoes, Wyliman‘s 4th TBB and a Clink exclusive collection comic (both with a regular cover and a DCC exclusive sketch cover so I can draw you whatever on them).

Tpb4 ClinkDCC

If you are able to attend the show, seriously give it a chance, it’s one of the best shows out there. And, you know, while you’re there, stop by and visit my table, I’ll be glad to say hi to you! Seriously! I’m more lovable in real life. I think.

Hope to see you there!

Mario A.~

On “This Will Come Out Sometime” Advice

You have probably seen this a lot.

I guess it’s the nature of artists. Whenever working on a personal project, they’re possibly scared or doubtful to just take the next step and getting it out there. Not bits and pieces, or little teases here and there, but the actual product (either finished or a part of it if it’s a serialized venture).

I’m guessing you see more of this in comics (or maybe *I* see it more because that’s the medium I dwell the most in), people teasing their projects to their followers, showing some character designs, little back stories (or some huge exposition dumps that would work better by weaving them into narrative instead), and, what I think is a new Tumblr thing, these “character building whatever-day-of-the-week” I’ve seen a ton of people do.

Those are fine, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t fly for too long. What’s happening is that you’re making people crave for your stories and keep explaining to them why they will might like it, but without actually showing them why.

And that’s the main point here: Show them, don’t tell them.

Arguably, it took me 8 years to actually start publishing Wyliman, but what do you want from me? I was 13 at the time I created him, and as a matter of fact, a 10 page story was published and showcased at a museum as part of a collaborative effort with other new cartoonists a year after it’s creation, so there. But yeah, it was until late 2005 that I had enough of just drawing pin-ups of him and silly one liners that I decided to finally start working on the stories and show them as soon as I had them.

And holding and keeping my mouth shut about Clink was a bit of torture. I came with the whole “finished” concept on May of last year, and I couldn’t help to open my big fat gob and tell some people at some shows “yeah, I’m working on this thing that will come out early next year“, which, hopefully, they didn’t remember until it was actually online. But I had to hold back. I hate hyping something to people; not because it won’t live to their expectations, but because I hate feeding them bait instead of a nice tasty meal.

I know other life priorities over take the time people have to dedicate to sit and write and draw their stories. And they are super eager to show the world that they are in fact alive and producing. But I know it’s not just me that we’d prefer from these really good storytellers to just hit us in the face with “Here, this is happening now.

Commit, don’t be afraid, and just go for it.

Mario A.~

The Root of Comedy

You’ve probably seen this video floating around for a few days now. I strongly recommend you to watch it first before you keep on reading.

If you’re as dead inside as I am or in the vicinity or neighborhood of Black Heart Hills, you might be saying to yourself “Well, yeah, he’s funny, but the video is edited to be pandering for people to feel more sympathetic towards him, making it even seem him to be even funnier. It’s exploiting the fact that he’s disabled to get a cheer from everyone.” And you might possibly be close to right, in the sense that yes, this is edited for TV and for entertainment purposes.

But let’s go beyond that. Let’s see past the marketable product they aired on the show.

Jack here addresses one of the major points of comedy: taking people to dark places where they feel uncomfortable and tell them “it’s okay, I’m here as well. Sit down, relax. Let me bring you something to drink.” Just as he says, his disability is his advantage. He’s telling people “I don’t care, so why should you? This doesn’t define me as a person, but my work and attitude towards it does“.

Louis C.K. addressed this as well in his speech when honoring George Carlin. He had an act with just observational humor of trivial things*, but when he started to dig deeper within himself and started to talk about the things he was afraid to say, and then make fun of them, he took the audience with him and they responded in a positive way. So much he’s considered one of the best comedians of all time.

*Not that just observational humor is bad. Jerry Seinfeld is a good example of doing it perfectly.

I do a lot of self-deprecating humor (either in my work, online or just talking to friends), and I’ve encountered a lot of times people telling me either that I shouldn’t be making fun of myself, that people are laughing at me and not with me, or that I have a low self-esteem. I know they mean well, but those arguments are wrong. For starters, when you make fun of yourself, you mostly head off at the pass anyone who wants to mock you, because you’re already there. Secondly, when intentionally doing this kind of humor, you’ve already dug this deep and laughed at yourself, so you’re in fact laughing with them. And finally, at least in my case, I can’t process the notion of having low self-esteem and doing self-deprecating humor.

And that’s the keyword here, folks: Humor. It’ll take you to an uncomfortable place and make you laugh at the fact that it isn’t that big of a deal. It will bring you a new perspective about things you thought were untouchable or too sacred/taboo/sensitive to talk about. And I think that’s where the root of comedy comes from. From the unexpected. And what can be more unexpected that the things you are scared of?

To quote George CarlinI believe you can joke about anything. It all depends on how you construct the joke. What the exaggeration is.” And I think that’s what Jack here constructed perfectly. He hit everyone in the face with that first statement. He said it himself, he pointed out the elephant in the room first, so everybody could concentrate on the funny jokes then.

I want to see more of Jack Carroll. I hope he takes advantage of this exposure and becomes a great comedian, because he is actually funny.


Mario A. ~ (The “A” is for “Awkward”)

PS: I have a list of great stand-up routines in my Youtube Channel (linked HERE) if you want to see (and laugh) more examples of going to dark palces and digging deeper into your own mind.

Currently (24th, January, 2013)

Because this site is not filled with enough pointless stuff, here’s a little list of things I’m currently doing/interested in. If you like my taste, the this’ll serve a some recommendations for you. If you don’t like my taste, you’re provably wrong. But by that measure it’ll be mostly things that I have actually enjoyed (since I have a place to complain about things I don’t). I guess I’ll do this every so often.


Persona-4-the-animation-anisebastian-28130424-1920-1200 It’s been a LONG while since I saw an animated show (I won’t make a difference between anime and western, they both are animated cartoons, so shut up, fanboy) where you deeply care about every single character almost from the word go. They’re well rounded and developed. Based on the 2009 game, Persona 4, The Animation it’s a short but engaging series.




18937 If you read my rant blog, you know I’m a fan of Yahtzee Croshaw. And as much enjoyment I get from his Zero Punctuation reviews, his novels are the ones that I hold really high from his work. Jam is a perfectly set apocalypse where they main hazard is something that you usually spread on a piece of toast. Witty and damn funny. And with the previous example, all characters are perfectly well rounded.




25760_27_1 I think shooters lost their way thanks to the Call of Duty series by starting out being good, but degenerating in only the developers creating sight-seeing tours of everything they managed to screw the engine with. They are more spectacle than a game. So it’s refreshing to go back to an actual shooter and run around desperate looking for ammo and health before another monster pops out and bashes your knees in. Anyway, DOOM 3 BFG Edition is probably the only thing on this list that I’m actually in the middle of going through instead of being the closest to currently after finishing it.



tumblr_mh1w3essFj1r38frzo1_1280 These. I got a gift certificate on Christmas and I just made good us of it (I actually got two, but the other one I used to buy new underwear).





Sin título-1

Mario A.~

Wyliman Design Tweeks


As some of you probably saw some weeks ago, I posted those first drawings of Wyliman with me goofing around with the idea of giving the characters an update in their appearance. Well, the idea kept going and I went with all of them.

Wyliman: For the most part nothing really changed, just made his mask a little more coherent looking (as coherent as having big eyes popping out of them can be). That and making his (and by proxy, Mackenn’s) shirt black. In reality they are still blue whenever I do a color piece, but for black and white I decided to go with black to make them pop-up more from the background (and I think there’s some character design theory involved in there that I never fully understood), and in case of being a night scene, I can switch it back to the “classic” looking shirt for the same purpose. Convenience!

Mackenn: After getting his hair violently removed in the “Glue Incident” story line, I decided to keep Mackenn going with the short hair thing for longer. I went back and looked through pictures of actual foxes just enhance his appearance. Nothing major, but I made the whiskers longer (giving me more chance to incorporate them to expressions) and the hair growing on the sides of his face. Also, what I failed to mention a moment ago about the shirts, I added those elastic thingies at the end of the sleeves to make them look more like a sweater rather than a long sleeve shirt.

Natalia: I guess her haircut will be a love it or hate it kind of situation, and I was pretty conscious about it when I decided to change it. But I personally like it, not only on her, but in general (when it fits). But as my best friend said, as long as the character likes it (in those weird instances the characters actually take over the author), then it’s fine. As with the shirts, I went with black pants for her. Although, considering a good amount of shots I draw are above the waist, this might not have been the soundest idea.

Andrea: Same thing as with Nat’s haircut. I think in proportion with the rest of the characters, Andrea has suffered the most amount of changes in her looks in the least amount of time. Not that it’s a bad thing, keeps the characters from looking like paper cut-ots all the time. With her I almost went with a full change, keeping intact two details I like on her: the 2-3 earing and that skinny pony-tail with the purple tip.

Anyway, any of this changes will start to show up until Chapter 41 of the comic when it starts to update on the site (granted, I’m already drawing said chapter, but I can’t jump over the sequence of how things are already planned on it).

Mario A.~

PS: As for the dog, he looks the same, he’s a dog. The only way I can update his design is if they put a ridiculous sweater on him that he’ll tear apart in seconds anyway.

Movie of the Week: Looper (The extended cut review)

So, here’s that part I took out from the original draft from the review. It’s basically the timeline explained in length (3 whole paragraphs, to be precise). I kept it and post it here because there’s still some things I go into detail about how mishandled the time traveling and messing/fixing was but weren’t as important for the main point of my rant.

Anyway, here it is, just assume this goes instead of the sentence where I re-directed you to here:

[…] They cocked up the time traveling string of logic they were trying to use!

Allow me to expand. Skipping that first part where the story begins, then reboots and then takes off from where we left, the linear story tells us (and for the sake of argument, let’s call this the “original” time line) that Joe killed his future self as it was going to be contractual at some point, lived his life, met the Asian woman that took him out from the wrong path and met his destiny 30 years later, but, for story matching purposes, he manages to kill the hit men that were supposed to send him back in time, goes back in time anyway and escapes his younger self from killing him. So far so dandy. With his knowledge from the future, Old Joe tries to convince Young Joe to go and kill the younger version of Dan (by the way, Young Joe, regardless of time line, already knows about Dan, because Jeff Daniels told him about him because he was hired by Dan to go back to the past and do deedly doo, this is important to keep in mind), so he won’t exist in the future and everything will be fine.

After failing to do so, Old Joe goes and tries to locate Young Dan and kill him. And Young Joe, after stealing one of the locations Old Joe pinned down where the kid might be, he sets base at this farm house in the middle of nowhere waiting for Old Joe to come along and kill him in hope he can regain his life back. We soon learn that the kid in that farm house is Danin the making. And that, by Old Joe fucking things up in the present (or past to him?) he might be fucking the future… but not really. Even if he gets headaches, he still remembers things that were supposed to be changed by then, but doesn’t the things that would lead him straight where he’s supposed to go instead of killing other kids or getting captured.

Bladdy bladdy blah later, we get the final confrontation. Old Joe hurts the kid in the mouth (to match the description of Dan in the future from the “urban legends” being told about him) and Young Joe understands everything: very appropriate to the movie title, time is a loop, where Old Joe was the originator of all the circumstances that led the kid to become evil and kill all Loopers in the future, so there was only one thing to do: shoot his own hand off so Old Joe would drop his weapon and then shoot him. Oh, no, wait, that’s what everyone else was thinking. He actually shoots himself and dies which makes Old Joe disappear. And thous ending the cycle. Right? Well, for the intentions of the movie, yeah, because the movie shows the happy ending. But it’s actually wrong. […]

As you can see, I figured out a shorter way to say all of this.


Mario A.~


Greetings ladies and people!

As you can see, this website or blog or whatever I end up doing with it, is pretty much under construction (not the only one out there from me under the same circumstances).

So while I figure things out scrambling through options, here are the links to the various fractions of myself that are scattered through the internet. More than anything, this… whatever is going to be, will serve the purpose of having all that in just one place so you can choose which one you like better. Or maybe there’s one you didn’t know I had.

Thanks and enjoy!


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