The Beaten Path


Trying to justify San Diego Comic Con became heartbreaking… It’ll never be what is used to be, nor anyone within the organization is attempting to do so. And sadly, I never knew it as it used to be.

It is the beast that it’s now. And it’s not THE place anymore, especially not for business.

Wanted to do a rambly post here, but stopped and erased everything like 3 times. It’s futile. All I can recommed for any aspiring artists, and to any local friends attempting the “American Dream” in comics (HA!), to go to SDCC, yes, but for the friendships you’ll make there. Go or create local shows/expos for the exposure and business. And small, personal shows are good at both business and making friends with the same vision as you.

SDCC is not the goal anymore (if it ever was). It’s just another show. And there’s plenty in the US I’d recommend attending to and exhibiting on way more than SD. Except for any Wizard shows, they’re all shit.


Mario A.~

San Diego Comic Con, July 17th – 21st

Hey guys!

Just a quick note to let you know I’ll be at the San Diego Comic Con this week. Mostly the lateness of me posting this (as I’m like 3 hours away from heading to the airport, at the moment of writting) is because I’ll just be wandering around the show floor most of the time. I don’t have a table to exhibit/sell there.

So, if you wanna meet up, just let me know! Or, if you find me wandering around, feel free to approach me to say hi.

The only set back of this whole thing is that for the updates for Wyliman (Friday’s and possibly Monday’s [I get back home late that day]) and Clink (Thursday’s) will be missing. I really tried to catch up with work and get a bit ahead so I wouldn’t miss them, but things around here haven’t been easy lately (but that’s a story for some other time). So, I’m sorry about that. Updates will resume to normal next week.

So, anyway, I hope to see some of you guys there. It’s always a fun time!

Mario A.~

Denver Comic Con, May 31st – June 2nd

Hey guys!

Next week I’ll be attending the 2nd anual Denver Comic Con. And I’m excited as a box full of puppies who have no idea where they’re going. Last year the show was amazing, record breaking and an overall great experience. And this year promises it’ll be bigger and better.

I’ll be in the Artist Alley section on table C21. I’m attaching a floor map to this, but you’ll recognize me even easier as the guys who’s sitting right next to Matt Kindt.


Click to enlarge

I’ll bring with myself a good selection of prints (now that I have them), original art to sale, original pages to show off, and the meat and potatoes, Wyliman‘s 4th TBB and a Clink exclusive collection comic (both with a regular cover and a DCC exclusive sketch cover so I can draw you whatever on them).

Tpb4 ClinkDCC

If you are able to attend the show, seriously give it a chance, it’s one of the best shows out there. And, you know, while you’re there, stop by and visit my table, I’ll be glad to say hi to you! Seriously! I’m more lovable in real life. I think.

Hope to see you there!

Mario A.~